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Launching our own collection covers many stages of work: from initial design and pattern creation, through cutting fabrics, to sewing and finishing. In addition to the production of our own clothing brand “VITESI”, we comprehensively support companies that start their adventure with fashion or are looking for a new, reliable partner for cooperation.

For this purpose, we use our knowledge, many years of experience in the industry and the most modern machine park.

We approach each order individually, focusing on quality, professionalism and timeliness. We are up to date with the changes taking place in technology and in the fashion industry. Thanks to this, we are gradually increasing our production capabilities, expanding our offer and operating on larger scale.

Our offer includes the following services:

  • Tailoring templates – construction, modeling, archiving. We develop tailor templates based on a sketch, drawing, photo or ready pattern. We prepare templates for all types of clothing. The resulting digital version of the projects can be subjected to further changes, such as grading, modeling or archiving.
  • Preparation of the dummy – we make the dummy for manual cutting. It is one of the most important elements of production preparation, because it allows cost optimization, which consists in reducing the consumption of fabric and the time needed to arrange and draw patterns on the material.
  • Graduation of templates – Grading of clothing, i.e. the process of creating additional sizes, is performed based on standard size tables as well as on dimension tables developed by the customer due to his accurate knowledge of the dimensions of the silhouettes of the target group.
  • Digitization and photodigitalization of templates
  • Sewing patterns
  • Sewing the collection
  • Knitting of fabrics and textiles
  • Non-woven fabric

Our company has modern pattern, cutting and sewing rooms and a finishing shop. Our pattern room, i.e. the production preparation department, enables accurate sewing of pre-production models, which is necessary in the production of our own collection.
Cutting fabrics is another very important element. For this purpose, we have a modern, fully automated cutting room with an area of about 400m2, equipped with tables 24 meters long, vertical, circular and band knives. We also have (tape) gluing machines for interlining.

Our cutting room has the following machinery park:

  • Multi-layer cutter with a movable table
  • A set of complete cad / cam positions:
    • 1-head invenjet c-1h series inkjet plotter
    • Template for photodigitizing templates
    • Computer workstations for cad systems + servers for databases and files
  • Automatic spreading machine

For your convenience, we offer cutting based on previously prepared templates, using one of the most modern machines of this type. The automatic cutter automatically cuts the finished volume with the highest precision and guarantees perfect repeatability of the shape of the elements in each layer.

Our sewing room also has the best professional machines. Its equipment consists of:

  • Renders, overlocks, lockstitch machine, twin needle
  • Machines for flat seams – autolaps
  • Specialist machines, such as: binding machines, buttoning machines, punching machines and bolting machines

The last stage of production, i.e. finishing, is a very important stage of each production. To a large extent, it decides whether a potential customer will choose our product in the store. In our finishing plant, sewed products are thoroughly checked, cleaned and pressed, ensuring the quality of each product.

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